TU-GO – providing you with incentives when you reuse

Pick up a TU-GO sticker

You need to stick a TU-GO sticker on to your reusable container. This helps you & our partners acknowledge how many times you have both helped the environment

All of our partners have these stickers in their store, so feel free to pop down & pick one up. And don’t worry, these stickers are totally dishwasher safe & will last just as long as your container.

Find an offer nearby

Use our filters at the top of the page to find offers
Be sure to read through any exceptions that the offer may have.


By selecting the offer’s address, we will automatically open Google maps to help you get there. Just doing our bit to help you!

Make your way to our vendor, let them know you are using TU-GO & show them where your label is on your container.

And that’s it, you have just helped to save our planet

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