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Added December 23, 2018

At Coco di Mama, we’re committed to trying to improve our environmental sustainability and have a positive impact on the communities in which our employees and customers live and work. We are working on a clear, measurable set of objectives we want to achieve by 2020, which we will share publicly within the next few months.


As a food-to-go brand, we understand that the biggest opportunity is to reduce the amount of waste created, and especially single-use plastics. Some of the ways in which we are reducing our waste include the following:

  • We offer crockery to all our coffee customers in-store, instead of takeaway cups
  • We offer free water and water glasses in all our stores to avoid the need for our customers to buy bottled water
  • We stopped using plastic straws at the beginning of 2018 and have introduced our NEW Pasta Straws which are completely compostable (and don’t taste of pasta, we promise)
  • We offer a 25p discount to all customers using a reusable drinks cup
  • We’re introducing our own reusable keep cups in July 2018, which we will sell not-for-profit to encourage all our customers to move to reusable coffee cups
  • We have moved all our salad packaging from plastic to pulp based material, with the base now being completely compostable.
  • We’ve moved our juiced drinks and iced coffee drinks to a PLA material. PLA materials are renewable, 100% biodegradable and compostable within 12 weeks.

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