15 million plastic bottles are littered, landfilled or incinerated every year. Contaminating our sea life & furry friends.

7 million coffee cups are thrown away every day. We cut down 2,500 trees each day to create these cups, damaging ecosystems & homes.


Lunch on the go generates 10.7 billion items of waste each year.

Lunch on the go is on the rise

How TU-GO works


Pick up a TU-GO label from your local coffee shop & attach it to your reusable coffee cup.


Download the TU-GO App. This is available on both IOS & Android.


Within the app, link your reusable coffee cup & set your coffee preference (this can include your milk preference too)


Purchase a bundle of coffee credits. The cost of these coffee credits takes into account any loyalty & reuse discounts. Saving you up to £183 per year


Collect & enjoy your coffee.

For coffee drinkers

Why should you use TU-GO when you have takeaway coffee?
Reduce your usage of single use cups

By using TU-GO with your reusable coffee cup, collecting your takeaway coffee is simplified. Ensuring that you no longer need to use single use cups & you are helpinng to repair our planet for future generations.

Save time explaining coffee preferences

TU-GO stores your coffee preferences for each of your reusable coffee cups. This ensures that your Barista always knows how you take your coffee.

Locate a lost container

TU-GO provides a simple way to return lost, reusable cups to their owners. Making sure you don't have to purchase a replacement & putting an end to uneccessary waste.

Receive loyalty & reuse incentives

TU-GO incorporates any loyalty discounts & reuse discounts into the cost of your coffee & handles the payment within the app. Making sure that you never miss out on your discounts.

Skip payment queues

Coffee credits can be purchased ahead of time, through the app. Ensuring you will never need to queue again for coffee. Once others see you skipping the queue they will also want to convert to reusable!

Please register your interest, if you would like to see TU-GO at your local coffee shop.

For coffee shops

Why should you use TU-GO within your coffee shop?
Reduce single use coffee cups

By using TU-GO to encourage customers to reuse you will reduce the amount of single use cups being used. This is good for our environment & also saves container costs & storage space.

Reduce time at checkout

TU-GO handles your customer's coffee preference, payment, reuse incentive & loyalty incentive. All that is left to do is make that exceptional cup of coffee. By letting TU-GO customers skip the queue you will encourage others to switch to reusable!

Increase customer loyalty

TU-GO allows you to presell coffee credits & set an expiry date for them. Encouraging your customers to come back & use their reusable coffee cup, within the alloted time.

Reduce staff overheads

By using TU-GO to handle coffee preferences, payments, reuse incentives & loyalty incentives, your staff are able to focus their attention on other, more important tasks.

Please get in touch to see how we can help your coffee shop.


Download Now

Download TU-GO to start receiving rewards when you reuse. TU-GO labels should be collected from your local coffee shop & attached to your reusable coffee cup. If you are a new coffee shop, please get in touch before you start using the app.

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